Ice Cream and Poop

I want to talk about some of the things I am learning in my classes.  These classes are perfect for me and what I aim to later teach.  They are great things I still need to work on in my own life as well as being the exact area I like to focus on.  The classes are very much about accepting all the parts of yourself.  To see yourself whole, with every trait you have.  As I have many times said or quoted it's about loving your imperfections.  

But one thing came up that I would really like to focus on for a moment.  In one of the books I have to read for the course, Debbie Ford mentions affirmations.  She says that we are taught affirmations to change the way we feel.  That if we feel a certain way we say the affirmations we can stop feeling a certain way.  She describes this by saying "You can't put ice cream on top of poop, because after a few bites your bound to taste poop"  In one moment I felt sad that she would dis a valuable tool such as affirmations but very quickly I saw what she was saying.  However, although I do agree with that statement I do see things a little differently.

She is speaking of people who use affirmations to try and bury their negative feelings.  To pretend they don't exist.   I want to be clear on something here, I do not think affirmations are to be used to bury emotions.  I always say they are just a tool, they are not the end all, be all.  You still have to do the inner work.  

In our teachings right now we are exploring the negative traits we have and how to embrace them and see their gifts.  This is a wonderful process, but I do find that although embracing them is hard for me, I have little trouble actually seeing my negative traits.  I sometimes have a harder time seeing the positive ones.  As much as certain negative traits make me uncomfortable there are many positive ones that make me feel uncomfortable too.

So for me, affirmations are reminders.  They are reminders that there IS ice cream.  I don't want to change my poop into ice cream, I just want to remember where the ice cream is and dig it out of the freezer.

If you are using affirmations remember they are not meant to bury or mask a feeling, only to remind you that there are good things to be had as well.  Don't try to hide your poop with them.

What is that one children's book called? Everybody poops.  Yep, we are human and we all have our own poop....but as I like to say....You aren't meant to be perfect and you need to own your shit.  There is beauty when you can own it and even more when you remember all the good things you are as well (the ice cream).

I have a friend who has often said "the bad stuff is easier to believe"  So if you think she has a point you really need more ice cream in your life and if a little affirmation helps you remember that I think it's OK....but don't get so lost in the ice cream that the poop comes back to haunt you later on..... if you know what I mean!