Changing Focus

I remember being scared to ever speak my dreams out loud.  I was scared of what people would think and say.  My dreams became more important then may fears and I began sharing my ideas with people.  I was pleasantly surprised to find out that people loved my ideas and supported my way of thinking.  I was very encouraged at the people who cheered on my dream.

When I decided to make the leap and put my dreams and journey out into the world I had so much confidence, knowing I had so many great cheerleaders on my side.  I knew so many like minded people, it was going to be great!  I knew there would be some who would be against my ideas or just never get on board but I was OK with that.  I was ready and feeling brave.

I knew I could and would reach the right people.  All my friends would share my content and pages.  They would love the messages I was putting out.  My cheerleaders would like every motivational photo I made and spread them around.  I was so happy to get started even if I didn't know where it would head.

But I did not get what I expected.  Don't get me wrong I had a few awesome cheerleaders doing their thing and helping me along, but most of my cheerleaders sat on the sidelines and just watched or went home completely. 

So what happens when we get less than what we expected?  Do we find somebody to blame?  Is that person usually ourselves?  Do we give up or move on?  Do we get angry and bitter?  Do we forgive?  Push on?

Well I will tell you I think I did all of them.  I did blame myself. I put too much expectation on people.  Maybe my content was not good and I was silly for thinking it was.  I debated ditching it all.  I tried to be understanding and pushed on.

But when I dig in deep and really look at it, I realize the key to all of this is my need to feel supported.  This isn't really about who shares what and who likes what.  It's about my feelings of not feeling supported.  So as I relook and open my eyes I can see that I am.  It may not be by the people I expected or thought "should" support me, but there are people out there supporting me.  You might not be doing it in the ways I expected either but you are there.

All I really needed to do was change my focus.  To change what I was looking at.  I don't need to rely on the people I thought would support me, I simply need to be patient as I reach the people who do.  I am seeing that I am finding you one by one, slowly but surely.  I was focused on all the people who weren't cheering me on, I lost sight of those who are.  So I am changing the lens and sending you all gratitude.

It is true that all to often we put on our focus on what we don't have and what people aren't doing.  You have heard it time and time again to focus on the positive.  Now, I don't believe we can live in la la land thinking everything is rainbows and unicorns all the time it is important to be aware of what we are focusing on and why.  Often we get so focused we don't even recognize we even have another lens as an option.  Being aware is a key first step. 

Very often when we realize we were looking through a lens that doesn't bring us closer to our goals it is easy to beat ourselves up about it.  Beating ourselves up is a huge disservice to ourselves. We need to become our own cheerleaders and congratulate ourselves on simply becoming aware.  What good cheerleader would beat you up?

People may let us down and we might lose focus, but as long as we can remember there is always more than one way to see things, we can make that choice to change lenses if we wish to.  So here I am putting on a new lens and thanking all of you for your support.