Just my thoughts....

There is a very interesting post making the rounds on Facebook right now that seems to be bringing up a lot of interesting conversations if you read a lot of the comments on various shares.  In the post by Keanu Reeves Online , a Facebook fan page, it states that one person who ate well and exercised got ill and has lots of health problems, while another person ate terrible and lived a long healthy life.  I absolutely love this message and agree whole heartedly.  However, I can see the message may be being lost on some.  So here is just my personal take on it.  The way I read it, the message is to live life to the fullest and to live it the way you see is best.

To me, the message isn't saying that eating healthy is wrong or that it's OK to sit in gluttony.  What I hear in the message is that we can't live in fear.  We can not expect to live a long healthy life if we fear death chasing us or deny what our souls require.  What it doesn't explain is that it isn't really about her exercise and his lack of it.  It isn't about what she didn't eat and what he did.  Did genetics play the real roll? Is genetics just a limiting belief? I don't know and think the genetics argument was not the point of his tale.  The message to take away from this is that it's more likely about how they felt that made the difference in their health.

I've written about my thoughts on diets and health before in my blog "Eat for the Health of it".  What we put in our mouths, on our skin and how we exercise our bodies is only a small part of over all health and self care.  If you don't take care of what is going on inside your own head, whatever you do on the outside won't amount to much.  What kills us faster than any food or product, is our own inner bully.  The one that beats us up for eating too much sugar.  The one that tells us we should be thinner.  The one that causes us to stress over a menu finding the healthiest choice.  The one that worries what people think of what they are eating, wearing or how they look.  The one that thinks it doesn't matter because we don't matter. 

Society and media has filled our minds with so much doubt and fear.  We feel shame over how we look and act.   We are told confusing things about what is healthy and how everything around us can kill us.  We compare and we compete.  Most of us have forgotten how to listen to our own inner wisdom.  I believe if we are true to ourselves and listen to our own intuition and listen to our bodies, that is the healthiest thing we can do. 

The key is to stop beating ourselves up.  I am not going to even pretend to be the master of this key.  I have many fears and insecurities that have been rooted in my brain that I am still working out.  But the more I work on them and the more I try wielding this key the better and healthier I feel.  My goal is to find what I enjoy...not what others think I should enjoy.  To eat what I think is best for me...and not worry who thinks I am crazy.  To be the qualities I am or need to be and not let others decide for me if they are bad, weird or strange.

So No, don't use this as an excuse to eat like crap if you can't own eating like crap without beating yourself up.  If you can own it...then you go be your badass self.  I always say....if you are going to eat the cookie make sure you enjoy the cookie.  No guilt.  Guilt will add more to your thighs than any cookie ever will.

So yes, please do like the post implies.....Enjoy YOUR life the way YOU want to live it.  Be you and own who you are.