Where it began...

One day I saw a posting that a website that I was following, that offered support for preemie parents, was looking for bloggers.  They wanted writers for their page that could share their own stories of surviving the NICU and being a preemie parent.  I knew I had to reply to the call.  I had a story in me and I needed to get it out.  I have never consider myself a writer by nature so I had no idea if I could pull it off.  I'm great at actually telling stories....really long ones, if you ask my friends. But could I write them?  I just knew I had to try.  I submitted a summary of why I might be qualified to write and they accepted me in as one of their bloggers.  I had no idea where to start, I had so much to say (I think I am reliving that feeling even now).  So I wrote an introductory piece on my son since he was who I would be writing about.  Now, I don't intend to only write about my son or that experience but I think it's important to share my beginnings since it really is what launched me into learning more and my own awakening.  I have so much more to say and share since my earlier blogs but I hope to share some of the earlier ones from time to time as well.  So if you would like to see my very first attempt at writing and learn a little bit more about me, follow the link below

This website changed hands at one point, and although it's still a wonderful resource for preemie parents, I stopped writing for them when it did.  The original photos are no longer with the story unfortunately so I'll post them here.