Limited Beliefs

What are limited beliefs? They are exactly what they sound like.  They are beliefs that have limits.  We are full of them.  Somewhere along the way we picked up several limiting beliefs and they really do limit us.  I think most limiting beliefs stem from fear.  They were put into place to keep us safe.  Safe from being hurt physically, mentally and emotionally.  But being too safe closes us off from unlimited possibilities.  Limiting beliefs are things such as "I'm not smart enough.", "It's too hard", "It will take a lot of work" and "it's impossible" 

I have many limiting beliefs of my own.  I work on removing them one belief at a time.  But one limiting belief I don't have is that last one, "It's impossible".  I believe possibilities exist beyond my comprehension.  I believe in miracles.  Just because I can't see or understand what the possibility is or how something might become possible, doesn't mean it can't.  I will not pretend to have the world figured out and will keep myself open to its many mysteries. 

When my son, who was born early and much too small, had brain bleeding the doctors believed he might not talk or see and my beliefs were put to a test.  I just knew deep in me that there was a way it could all heal and that medical miracles happen all the time.  The doctors beliefs were limited due to their facts and figures but mine were not.  I didn't know how or why or if it for sure would, but I knew it was possible. 

Life rewarded us for believing in miracles and gave us exactly that.  We got our miracles and I still don't know how or why but I am deeply grateful.

Although it came naturally that time to be open and insist healing was possible, it isn't always so easy for me.  I catch myself on a daily basis limiting my life with my own beliefs. 

Notice your own dialog and that of the people around you.  How many limiting beliefs do you hear?

"You have to work hard to be successful."

"It will take too long."

"I'm not pretty enough."

"It won't work."

I could make a list a mile long with limiting beliefs that I myself have.  Some people will tell you "That's just reality!" But that in itself is a limiting belief.  I believe our reality is what we make of it.  To certain degree we can create our own reality.  Our beliefs shape and guide our lives.  The more rigid we are in our thinking the more limited our life will be. 

Be open to possibilities, believe in miracles and know that nothing is impossible.

Your world just might change.