On this day....

Facebook has this wonderful app called "on this day" that shows us memories of what we did on this exact day however many years ago.  On this exact day 5 years I wrote this blog.  It is definitely not my best writing but it was very interesting to look at today.

This blog reminded me of several things.

First it reminded me that all of us going through stuff could do well to find people who can truly support and build us up.  These friendships I spoke of were not the misery loves company type of friendships that are all too common.  These friendship were really based on understanding, support and lifting each other up.   That is what makes them so special and why they are still strong today.  We may only get to see each other a few times a year but I know space and time will never diminish the bonds we built.  I see this saying a lot and it's very true "Surround yourself with cheerleaders not fear leaders."

Second, this reminds me to see things in a different light sometimes.  Just as I talk about my husbands outgoing personality and knack for getting into things and doing things I would never consider, sometimes (SOMETIMES ;)) it is truly a gift and blessing to us.  As I have started my homework for my life coaching, the book I am reading, reminds us to love every part of who we are and see the blessing in each thing.  Even the things we deem as bad. 

With out sadness we would not know happiness.

Here is the link.....  http://www.preemiebabies101.com/2010/08/friends-in-the-nicu/